The Ultimate Disaster Recovery Solution for Law Firms

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The Ultimate Disaster Recovery Solution for Law Firms
BDR (Backup Disaster Recovery) solutions are the latest craze for the past 2 years and they are most definitely the best form of disaster recovery aside from moving your entire infrastructure to the cloud. With our disaster recovery solution all your servers and workstations are imaged and backed up to the cloud. This form of backup also replaces any others you may have as it doubles as a secure offsite backup for firm data. In case of a major disaster all these computers and servers can be deployed in the cloud with ease. Each user can remote onto their cloud desktop that is identical to their local desktop and work almost identically as they do in their office with full access to firm data. Another option that works very well is if your firm has a terminal server. Instead of backing up all your workstations, your terminal server can back be backed up offering one large server for everyone to remote onto in the cloud instead of many workstations. Each approach works well but it does take longer to deploy many workstations than it does one main remote access server. Each user is able to remote onto the cloud terminal server or workstation through any browser with total security in place. The beauty of this solution is that once the disaster has passed, IT can restore the data changes from the cloud server to the local server and everyone comes in Monday morning with the ability to work on their PC’s with no lost data or hiccups.

It’s important to understand that BDR solutions are not cheap. We quoted a BDR solution to a 35 user law firm for about $1,600 a month. At the same time if you absolutely cannot go down, this is the very best you can do for your firm next to moving your entire infrastructure to the cloud. The name of the game is shrinking downtime to zero and our solution does exactly that.

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