Reviewing each piece of practice management software takes a lot of time. I don’t want to deprive you of this info so I found a great chart on the American Bar Association’s website giving a comparative breakdown between all the top practice management software for solo & small firms. If your a larger firm, keep in mind that some of these companies do have larger firm solutions. To give you an idea in numbers, we have a client who uses Amicus Attorney with 40 users, not such a small firm. The chart gives pricing, system requirements and even support information! All this info has been updated for 2012 so it’s recent. You’ll find a lot of alternative software here, if you have Amicus and your not happy with it, we’ll show you some Amicus alternatives. Please keep in mind that some of these solutions have law firm cloud computingcounterparts like Clio. You may be able to get a cloud version of the software and save on a server investment. If your in the market for practice management software this chart is a great tool to help you in your quest to find the best software for your firm. In my opinion, the most important columns are the ones dealing with pricing and support. Along with this chart, I would call the ones that you have some interest in and speak to some clients of theirs for a more well rounded idea of the product. Practice management software is supposed to organize your firm data and secure your firm’s future by bringing you to the next level. If you don’t get that idea from some of the users that you call, I would move on.

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