The Ultimate Mobile Device Charger…A Review

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We completely understand that attorneys are constantly in and out of the office, on the road, in the court room, or even in meetings with clients. Being agile and flexible is extremely important. in order to be agile, you need the appropriate technology that will support your needs and increase productivity.

Smartphones are heavily relied upon, but unfortunately their battery life doesn’t always prevail. We did the research and found the ultimate charger for any mobile device.

The NomadPlus charger is quite a unique on-the-go charger. It serves as both a wall charger and a portable battery to charge on the go. It works just like any other wall USB charger, but this one work with iPhone cube chargers especially well. Simply plug the USB cube wall charger from your iPhone into the NomadPlus and plug the NomadPlus into the wall.

The NomadPlus charger has an input for a USB cable that can charge your iPhone while charging the internal battery of the NomadPlus at the same time. While your phone is charging, so is the portable 1800maH lithium ion battery on the NomadPlus. This is great for long days when you might be away from an outlet or when traveling on business. The NomadPlus is not just limited to iPhones, it can also charge your tablet and other gadgets.

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