Three ways Technology can help your Case in the Courtroom

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Visual Presentation

Chances are most of your jury are visual learners. Not only are you going to look more professional with a presentation containing all of your evidence and statements, but it gives the jury a better visual representation to prove your case. If you’re going to make a presentation, make sure it’s simple and not too complex. Add in your key bullet points but still give a verbal explanation on each section. Pictures of your evidence, for example bank statements, photographs, etc., are excellent for your presentation.

Make sure your presentation will work outside of your office. Consider testing it at home before you bring it into the courtroom. When you’re packing up your laptop, make sure you pack all of the appropriate cables and have them prepared for an easy set up. The last thing you want to do is take up extra time in the courtroom because you can’t remember which cable goes where.

Projector screens in the courtroom are unable to zoom in and out with ease. Practice detaching your laptop from the projector and allowing the jury to look closely at your screen. Giving this personal up close touch will surely add an emotional level to your case. If you can’t move your laptop around in the courtroom, consider adding a slide zoomed in directly on what you want to focus on to make things more up close and personal.


Add on some Life Changing Tools

Give yourself mobility among the courtroom by adding a hand held remote to your presentation. Having a remote allows you to change slides from anywhere in the room and use the attached laser pointer to highlight key facts.

A laptop/tablet with a touch screen will help you in this scenario too. You can easily swipe from slide to slide from anywhere. Add a stylus so you can easily draw, write, underline, or highlight key points in your presentation.  Being able to add these extra steps to your presentation will increase not only the emotion behind your case, but increase the seriousness and really speak to your jury.


Use Up to Date Technology

Make sure your laptop is up to date and able to handle a slide presentation. Of course, the more bells and whistles you have on your laptop the more functions you’re going to be able to perform, but as long as you have Microsoft Office and a newer laptop (five years or less) you’ll be able to seamlessly provide your presentation. Add-ins such as laser pointers or slide changing remotes can be found through sites like Amazon.com, and they’re easy to install.

Your laptop will not only (hopefully) perform smoothly, but you’ll look professional and updated to your jury with a sleek computer.


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