Thriving in a Specific Niche Accelerates Law Firm Growth

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Law firms are just like regular businesses in that they are likely to struggle unless they have a narrow focus.  Square your focus on a specific area of the law, master that subject matter and the clients will eventually arrive.  The challenge lies in making as much money as possible while limiting the type of legal work performed.  Unfortunately, most attorneys try to do it all rather than master a single niche.  The average attorney assumes it is better to practice different types of law rather than focus on one single area of the law or a couple areas.  Let’s take a quick look at why it might not be prudent to cast as wide of a net as possible.

Legal “Generalists” Unnecessarily Attempt to be Jacks of all Legal Trades

There is no reason to attempt to master every area of law.  Prospective clients are looking for those who thrive in particular niches rather than those who try to practice every type of law.  Market your law firm as a jack of all trades and people will assume you are a master of none.

A Narrow Focus Develops Your Brand

Zeroing in on one area of law or even a couple areas of law will help establish your brand.  Perhaps more importantly, a narrow focus makes it easier to distinguish your law firm from the rest.  The bottom line is an overly-broad focus makes it difficult to establish your attorneys as true experts in any one area of law.  Be clear to your prospects about the type of law you excel at, make it your bread and butter and you will corner the market in due time.

Begin With Focused Market

If you are like most attorneys, you are hesitant to reduce the focus of your law firm.  After all, practicing in fewer areas limits the number of potential clients for your firm to serve.  However, in the long run, it makes sense to master one or a couple areas of the law.  The transition to a singular focus will prove much easier if you start by shifting the focus of your firm’s marketing efforts.  Marketing that zeroes in on a single niche helps highlight your firm’s expertise in that area, bring in more of those cases and ultimately charge higher rates for your expertise.

Ramp up your marketing efforts to highlight your legal specialty and it will be that much easier to establish your firm as a true leader in this area of practice.  Furthermore, you will be able to charge lofty rates as you continue to master your chosen area of the law.  The icing on the cake is the fact that you will not have to worry about the nuances of other legal specialties; you can square your focus on perfecting your selected area of law to provide clients with truly unparalleled legal services.

A Narrow Focus Helps Inspire Referrals

Square your focus and your clients will be motivated to refer you to others in need of legal assistance.  The singular focus on a particular area of law really does make it that much easier for your clients to remember your assistance.  These fond memories inspire happy clients to spread the word about your law firm’s merit to friends, family, co-workers, etc.








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