Time Matters in the Cloud: Rekall Will Get You There

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Time Matters is massively popular among law firms solo to medium sized. The functionality in this practice management software really organizes a law firm’s calendars, dates and client documentation. Since the inception of Rekall Private Cloud we have done migrations for clients who work with Time Matters with the end result being flawless cloud based Time Matters access for the entire firm.
When we migrate Time Matters to the cloud we also migrate the infrastructure of the firm in its entirety. We offer our free MS Office licensing with Rekall Cloud, configure Outlook for email and Word, and integrate both with Time Matters for best functionality. We also migrate time and billing software to the cloud as well so that Time Matters links to these pieces of software stay intact. We essentially recreate your office network in the cloud offering the same functionality as before with more versatility, security, zero downtime, and a fully integrated backup system.

What this does is offer law firms who use Time Matters a fully cloud based solution for all their practice management software and documents, essentially giving each user a cloud based desktop making their local desktops usable as a simple portal to the cloud. Time Matters works perfect on our private cloud model because we have total control over hardware and have the ability to tweak performance as needed while we monitor the system 24/7. Public cloud companies like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Rackspace simply do not offer the reselling IT Company any of these features that make our private cloud solution fully customizable. It is this customization ability and our security centric architecture that sets us apart. If you want to work with a business that focuses on law firm IT and specializes in cloud solutions for law firms, give us a call.


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