Deciding which software to use for your firm is a vital decision to make. Considering how many types of software are out on the market, one can understandably be struggling to wrap their head around all of the options. Do you want client-based software, or one that incorporates the cloud? Below, we review Time Matters, a part of LexisNexis’s collection of products.


With over 15,000 law firms using Time Matters, the software has pedigree. It functions as an all-in-one client and document management and billing tool. The program gives you the capacity to centralize client data, and use customized views to show you your contacts, documents, meetings, appointments, and more. With regards to billing, Time Matters allows for automated time entry, and with the Time Matters Go Mobile application, you can manage your bills and hours away from the office. Time Matters even functions in tandem with PCLaw and Juris, and this can be a good solution for firms who need a more comprehensive suite of features.

The Ability to Customize

Firms who desire software that adapts to their needs and is easily customizable will likely be tempted by Time Matters’ capacity for customization. Whether you are looking to customize the front-end, the back-end, or would like to generate customized database searches, events or workflows, Time Matters makes it possible.  This is easily one of the most customizable applications on the market.  Additionally, LexisNexis provides an authorized consultant program along with a massive network of independent consultants that will help your firm customize Time Matters to your exact needs and liking.

Rely on the Cloud for Optimal Functionality

Cloud service providers can implement Time Matters and enable the software to function at its peak without the need for on-site servers or complicated I.T. solutions. Rekall Technologies has nearly 10 years of experience assisting law offices with cloud services and can optimize your network hassle-free. Learn more about how we can host your legal software on the cloud here.

Is Time Matters Worth the Money?

Time Matters is jam-packed with features that make it easier to manage a practice.  Whether your law firm needs calendar, client, or case management, you can benefit from the features and high customization that you get with Time Matters. Those seeking a software solution that can be customized to a specific workflow will find Time Matters worth the investment.

Want to learn even more about Time Matters? Check out a video from the developers and learn how you can use the software to manage meetings, dates, and deadlines.





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