It’s Time to Move your Firm’s Data to the Cloud

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Imagine a scenario in which our law office floods, is damaged by fire or proves inaccessible for another reason.  If your firm’s data is not backed up in a digital manner or if your digital backup is stored at your inaccessible headquarters, your team will be in quite a bind.  If you cannot access your data, your firm’s productivity will come to a grinding halt and you will not be able to bill clients.  Situations like these are precisely why every law firm should shift its data to the cloud as soon as possible.


Move Law Firm Data to the Cloud for Improved Service at a Lower Cost

Do not fall into the trap of assuming your in-house IT is the cheapest solution.  There is no sense investing in data storage solutions when you can pay less to safely store your data on the cloud.  Aside from reducing costs, seguing to the cloud also results in better service.  The cloud infrastructure provides optimal security, infrastructure and customer service.  Cloud providers also have extensive technical and physical safeguards that most law firms cannot match.


The Cloud Will Survive Natural Disasters

Take a moment to consider the effects of a lengthy power outage, powerful thunderstorm or other natural disaster.  The average law firm is not prepared to deal with such threats yet the cloud certainly is.  There is no sense subjecting your valuable data to damage from floods, fires and other threats when it can be safely stored on the cloud.  The information you store on the cloud will be stationed far away from your office so it is not susceptible to the same geographic threats.


The Cloud Facilitates Data Management and Analytics

Cloud architecture empower firms to gather important data about staff, workflows and the practice itself.  This information makes it that much easier to figure out how to improve productivity and profitability.  As an example, a law firm that taps into the power of the cloud will be able to easily track and study metrics like software application utilization.  Such metrics ameliorate the firm’s important decisions in regard to staffing, client relations, data management and so on.


The Cloud Provides the Customization Your Firm Needs

Every law firm has its own unique dynamics.  A data management and security solution that works for one law firm might not work for the next.  Shift to the cloud and your firm will have the customizable solutions necessary to enhance your legal team’s productivity.  This is your chance to take advantage of a custom solution that ramps up productivity and ultimately improves profitability.


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