13 Reasons Why Law Firms Should Consider The Cloud

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1. Migrating to the Cloud is Easy

With a fully customized cloud environment, Rekall is able to migrate all your documents, data and applications to the cloud, no matter what business or legal application you use. Each user will receive a Windows cloud desktop complete with Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader and any other software you request. Each user desktop looks identical to your old desktop as our techs will work tirelessly to completely replicate your work experience. Scanning & printing will work 100% within the cloud making this a very easy transition for all users.

2. Apple & Android Users Welcome

Attorneys & paralegals can connect to the Rekall Cloud from anywhere in the world using Apple & Android devices. In this way Apple users can choose to work on their Macs or Macbooks while at the same time utilize their company specified Windows based software. Apple users no longer have to work with sub-par Mac software and can even access the cloud from iPads & Android tablets over 3G & 4G cellular data connections.

3. Zero Downtime

Rekall Cloud clients are guaranteed availability to their cloud 24/7. To accomplish this, Rekall has redundant Tier III data facilities in both New Jersey and Ohio, warm and cold server hardware, quadruple internet service provider failover services and redundant backup plans. Each Tier III facility is outfitted with diesel fuel on standby, generators, battery backup, fire and flood protection, armed guards, bio-metric access via fingerprint and retinal scan as well as dual power substations from local power providers. These factors plus many more create a guaranteed cloud computing situation offering Rekall clients guaranteed availability to client data. These precautions and data safeguards simply cannot be replicated in a traditional server in the office environment.

4. Stay Secure With Next Level IT Security

Rekall Cloud offers IT security protocols consistent with fortune 500 companies to all clients as a Rekall standard. We believe that security is not a luxury but a must to be offered equally to all clients. Between multiple enterprise firewalls tracking and blocking intrusion attempts, enterprise level antivirus and antispyware, file level and server level retention backups, 256bit military grade encrypted VPN connectivity and redundant storage controllers, servers and hardware with failover schemes, most businesses simply do not have this level of architecture protecting company data.

5. Maintain Control Over Your Company Data

You may have Antivirus, Anti-Spyware & Anti-Malware, but what about Anti-Ransomware, is your firm protected against data ransom? What about the ability to track google searches and web pages visited, does your office router do that? Do you currently have the ability to limit printer access to a certain group of employees? Does your current IT setup offer you advanced file and folder level security offering folder access to specified users and denying access to all others? Does your office router block websites, viruses & spyware embedded within web pages looking steal your personal data? Do you have the ability to block the entire internet only offering access to work related websites? Can you share documents with external contacts through private secure means? Or do you just use Dropbox and take a chance with your data being stored within their insecure management system. With Rekall Cloud there is no local data stored within your office. With no local data, your office can be robbed, flooded & burned down yet all your company data will still reside safely on the cloud to be accessed from anywhere, at anytime and from any device.

6. Your PC is Simply a Portal to the Cloud

On Rekall Cloud, back-end servers provide CPU, RAM & storage resources making your PC simply a portal to the cloud. All you need is power and internet to connect and work on the cloud. This allows Rekall Cloud clients the luxury of purchasing inexpensive low-end $200 workstations instead of the standard $600 workstations that would be traditionally used to run applications and surf the web. With Rekall Cloud, old, slow PC’s become brand new with the installation of a cloud connection. Moving to the cloud increases the life span of your computer hardware and lowers overall hardware costs.

7. Multi-Office Firms & Traveling Professionals

The ultimate goal for multi-office firms is to have all employees easily access company apps & docs in a consistent fashion with no drawbacks, slowdowns or pitfalls making each employee work experience identical. For traveling professionals this is also true but with a different spin. As a traveling professional myself, I want the same desktop experience no matter where I go. I want to be able to access my company data and applications from anywhere, and I don’t want it to be a pain to connect. Finally, I want the connection to be solid and reliable. Rekall Cloud does this all by offering a cloud server that all firm users remote onto from wherever, whenever and from any device with full security. Everyone has an identical Windows desktop offering remote offices and traveling employees an identical desktop experience no matter where they connect from. The Rekall Cloud setup offers a very low learning curve with the result being increased productivity. Simple connectivity and intuitive usability are key reasons why the Rekall’s private cloud service is among the top in the industry.

8. Lower Overall IT Support Costs & Need

Support need is generally based on user knowledge plus the complexity of the firm’s application environment. In layman’s terms, a less tech savvy the end-user base plus more complex computer tasks equal higher IT support bills. Many firms on Rekall Cloud see a dramatic decrease in IT support need due to the very controlled environment within the cloud. All cloud servers are locked down removing the ability for users to make changes to the cloud server’s core infrastructure. This lock-down also removes the ability for users to unintentionally invite malicious third party’s to perform malicious acts on the cloud server as well. One can say it is a proprietary Rekall cocktail of securities that protect cloud clients from attacks, data loss & downtime. Due to all these factors, a high majority of firms on the cloud call support 80% less than firms with traditional IT setups. These securities offer cloud firms the ability to work without any disruptions or technology pitfalls while at the same time lowering IT support needs and costs.

9. Small Businesses Flourish on the Cloud

Small businesses who move to Rekall Cloud are given advantages that many large firms wish they had. We find that small firms are able to stay competitive working in the cloud offering entrepreneurs the ability to focus on their business and their strengths rather than annoying IT issues which is often their weakness. Smart entrepreneurs focus on their strengths to build their businesses. Work and grow your business with confidence knowing that your company data is safe, giving your business an edge.

10. Unlimited Business Growth

In a company’s history, a business will go through many phases. These growing pains come in the form of finding the right employees, to choosing the right vendors, to leasing the right office space. The difficult part is that as your firm grows, these factors grow and change as well. They’re never consistent and change as time passes. For many of our clients, the Rekall Cloud is a constant, year over year. Rekall has configured firms in their infancy with two employees whose businesses now flourish with 30+ employees. The cloud will grow as your firm grows and the cloud is constant while being consistent. Working with Rekall’s private cloud offers your firm the luxury of limitless growth.

11. Perfect For Law Firm Startups

Firms that start on Rekall Cloud have an edge over competitors. They are able to avoid traditional servers, support & IT costs. These firms are able to hit the ground running from day one with availability to work from anywhere at any time and from any device with full security. Simply put, firms who start out on Rekall Cloud are able to do more, faster.

12. The Superior Rekall Support Helpdesk

Along with IT & cloud services, Rekall also offers US based helpdesk support. Every Rekall client has access to our top of the line team of support engineers. Due to the nature of our business and the vast experience each engineer brings to Rekall, our support engineers are equipped to handle pretty much anything under the sun including printing, scanning, remote access, security, operating system customization, and even tutoring and training. Our engineers are patient and genuinely interested in your issues. They’re helpful, courteous, and offer an extremely high level of service exuding confidence and pride in all that they do. This extremely high level of helpdesk support is the Rekall standard. IT service vendors are only as good as the support they offer.

13. Rekall is the #1 Private Cloud Provider for Law Firms in the USA

With over 1100 users and 100 clients ranging from paralegals, legal assistants and attorneys to senators, congressman and even a governor, the cloud is the future of law firm technology and Rekall can get you there better than any other. Rekall knows what it takes to support law firms. We have grown steadily over the past 6 years with no end in sight making law firms more secure, lowering IT bills and simplifying IT overall. Law firms who work with Rekall benefit from our years of firm experience not only in IT but also with legal applications and processes. Perhaps it’s time you considered working with a law firm centric IT firm like Rekall.


  1. Ron Halvey

    We have 3 offices and I find that moving to the cloud fixed all our issues with file access and just getting everyone on the same page.

  2. Jeanne Lindsay Esq.

    You make a good argument for the cloud.

  3. Ben Katz

    We’re growing fast and numbers 6 and 8 are probably the most useful to my firm. Each new employee setup is about $1,200 and my people are constantly on the phone with our IT people. Can you explain why your solution needs less support?

    • Ross Siroti

      Sure Ben, our cloud security is extremely high end. Due to this we are able to control every aspect of our cloud including user access. We limit user access on the cloud to only documents and applications that the users need. Additionally we also block viruses, spyware, malware & ransomware which are the antithesis of IT support need within a law firm. It’s just an extremely controlled environment that cannot be replicated with a server int he office.


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