Top Five Trending Topics in the Legal Tech Community

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Continued Education

Not only should you continue education for yourself, but it’s important to educate your clients and potential clients on how you can be of assistance to them. Scare tactic marketing is fading away, and marketing in a positive light to make needing an attorney not so scary is making waves. Legal technology can help break down barriers between clients and attorneys. Chat boxes and AI are certainly the way of the future, and they’re important to consider for your website.


Firm Management Software

Your firm should be using some kind of management software, whether it’s PCLaw, Worldox, TimeMatters, etc. Management software is something that can also be used on the cloud. Moving to a law firm based cloud is the way of the future, and it’s something to seriously consider doing soon. Cloud companies that focus on law firms provide support for not only your computers and your cloud connection, but for all of your applications. It’s a one stop shop for any technical help you may need, and you’re able to work remotely from any device as long as you have an internet connection.


Measure your Growth

Surely you’re already taking metrics of your firm growth and how to bill clients appropriately, but it’s time to really zero in on your metrics and put them to use. Compare each month’s data to each other. See where there is room for movement, change, and make sure you’re hitting all of your goals.

Technology is the Future

Technology is not going away any time soon, in fact, it’s growing rapidly especially in the legal field. Some developers are even considering making Artificial Intelligence bots to replace some attorneys completely. Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other technical learning machines are taking the legal field by storm. Artificial Intelligence should not be feared, but it should be accepted and welcomed as a non-bias source of information and opinion.


Be Open

We realize that change isn’t easy for most people, but be open to the road ahead. Legal technology isn’t something you can avoid for too long, so embrace the resources given, and make slow strides to upgrading your law firm and being as up-on-the-times as possible. Many legal tech companies, such as Rekall, offer CLE courses for two or more credits that provide a plethora of tech knowledge for you to absorb.


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