Top Five Important Components to Emphasize your Website

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In today’s day and age, your website is the most important form of contact for your potential clients. Your website is extremely crucial to gain more clients and explain exactly what you do. We came up with five things to emphasize your website, and make your presence even stronger.


Make sure your website is Mobile Friendly

We’re seeing more and more people using their smartphones as their main “computer” rather than a desktop, laptop, or even tablet. Being that mobile devices are the top technology being used for internet browsing, it’s extremely important to have a mobile friendly website. Regular websites don’t translate well onto mobile devices. Often they’re too small, causing clients to zoom in to read text or click buttons. Not having fluidity and ease within your website comes across as archaic and not up to date.
With the emergence of mobile friendly webpages, Google announced that they are using a ranking system for mobile friendly webpages. Basically, when someone searches, for example, for an attorney on a mobile device, Google will populate websites with mobile friendly webpages first, above standard domains.


Easy to find Contact information

Be diligent in adding a “contact us” button or page. This needs to be simple to find, and bright and easy to read. Make sure your phone number populates on every page of your site. When considering a mobile site, be sure to hyperlink the phone numbers, so clients can call with the ease of one click. Some clients might feel more comfortable sending an email, so providing that form of contact is important as well.


Who’s at your Firm?

Including employee and attorney profiles are almost the most important part of your website. Allow clients to get to know your Firm, and who they would possibly working with. It’s suggested to list their experience, education, area of practice, and a nice personal touch. Think about including professional photos in their bio as well.


Include your Area of Law

It’s important to list your areas of practice on your website. Be sure to include Google ad-words, and keyword searches to have your firm populate in search results. It’s important to have your practice area boldly stated on your website so clients know you’re exactly what they’re looking for. If you have multiple attorneys who specialize in different areas across your firm, think about having their biographies link to different areas of practice on your webpage.


Post your Client’s Reviews!

Give your clients reassurance in your firm by posting other client’s reviews of your Firm. Think about it–when you’re purchasing a product online, most of the time you check the ratings and reviews before you commit. Reviews add a personal touch.

Including all five of these features will increase your click through chances as well as your overall client gaining and retention.


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