Top Productivity Tips for Lawyers and Legal Assistants

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To say working at a law firm is slightly stressful and monotonous would be an understatement.  This line of work is generally thought of as exciting yet it is actually fairly boring after the first couple years .  If you have grown tired of doing the same repetitive tasks over and over again, you are not alone.  Most law firm employees find it difficult to remain productive, especially after they have completed the same tasks over and over again, year-after-year.  Here is a look at some helpful productivity tips to increase your output and make the workday more interesting.


Plan Your Workday

Do not dive right into any old task when starting your workday.  Take 10 minutes or so to think about the types of tasks that must be completed throughout the day.  You will likely find some of these projects are fairly boring while others are at least a little bit interesting.  Make a list of everything and determine the order in which the work is to be completed.  Be careful when ordering the tasks so you do not string together a series of monotonous projects.  Mix in some of the more interesting duties in between the boring ones and work will prove that much more intriguing.


Alter Your Routine

You are not doing your personal psychology any favors by following the exact same work routine each day.  Though routines certainly provide stability, they are also dreadfully boring.  Your mind needs to be challenged and active throughout the workday in order for you to be as productive as possible.  One of the best ways to stimlate mental activity is to change your routine.  Do things in a different order and you will find you are that much less likely to fall into a mental rut during the day.


Segment Those Repetitive Tasks

Just about everyone dreads repetitive work.  Tasks are awfully dreadful if they take an abundance of time to complete.  Zero in on projects that require repetition.  Do not try to complete this work all at once.  Divide up repetitive tasks into segments and space them throughout the workday so they do not make you depressed or sleepy.


Turn It Into a Competition

One of the best ways to motivate yourself is to make work a competition.  Track your performance as you work to get a gauge of how productive you are with each specific duty.  Try to beat your personal productivity bests and you will find work is that much more interesting.  As long as the quality of your work does not suffer, this strategy to enhance your productivity will make work that much more interesting.


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