Translate & Dictate Phone Calls With InterprePhone

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After speaking with SpeechTrans COO, Yan Auerbach, he sent me a link to another product that they offer called InterprePhone. This is another useful tool for law firms. They have taken their translation software in SpeechTrans and have applied it to simple telephone conversations. This service gives you the ability to speak to people over the phone with on the fly voice recognition and translation for 15 languages. There is no operator, there is no human interaction, just you, the caller, and the software on a conference bridge. The setup is simple, subscribe for an account here and choose your subscription. Then, follow the instructions here. The application for this is endless when it comes to legal use. Having the ability to talk to clients who speak another language over the phone is fantastic. On top of this, they also offer phone dictation services. Instead of typing your notes, you can give them a call and dictate your notes into the phone. After you hang up, your notes are emailed to you immediately. These dictation technologies are so amazing, law firms should really look to these solutions as opposed to hiring staff to transcribe and purchasing dictaphones to record. These technologies are the future of translation and dictation. Give them a try.


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