Using NetDocuments: 10 Key Elements

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There are two major document management systems (DMS) out there for law firms: NetDocuments and Worldox. This article will outline the key features of NetDocuments.

1. Operating System Compatibility:

Compatible with Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. Works on Windows and Mac.

2. Document Storage:

One of the biggest differences between NetDocuments and Worldox is the way the platforms operate. NetDocuments, as the name suggests, is hosted through the cloud. Everything you need to access is done so through the web. Because it is cloud-based, updates happen automatically.

3. Interface:

NetDocuments offers a crisp and clear interface that is easily customizable by users. You can change how you view documents and make elements of the program smaller or larger, depending on your preferences.

4. Searching:

Allows for full text searching by keyword, creation date, email, document type, and additional filters.

5. Integrations:

Integrates with MS Office, Time Matters, Clio, Workshare, DocSolid, WordPerfect, and more.

6. Document Saving:

Compatible with MS Office and Adobe Acrobat. All documents can be made searchable with comments and profiling.

7. Workflow Tools:

Unlike its competitor Worldox, NetDocuments does not contain workflow tools. Shared workspaces for collaboration do exist, however.

8. Price

Basic users pay $20/month. Professional users pay $30/month. Professional+ users pay $38/month. Rekall can talk you through what these various options entail.

9. Mobility

Access documents from any web browser or the free NetDocuments App (available for smartphone and tablets). Digital signatures are also available at no extra cost.

10. Security

Access to files, folders, or cabinets can be controlled. Security is complaint with HIPAA, SEC, FINRA, and other industry-specific standards.


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