Are You Using These Top Five Free Apps?

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Check out these free on-the-go apps to help make your legal career a little easier, and mobile friendly.



Wouldn’t it be nice to carry a legal library with you everywhere you go? Look no further! Fastcase is an entire law library that can help you find any case from anywhere at any time. Search by keyword, citation, or even collections. Search by date, and save your desired case for later use. You can also see how many times the specific case has been cited, and it’ll give you more cases that are like your search that other attorneys may have cited. There’s also a desktop app, which syncs smoothly with your smartphone application, making it an extremely easy to use tool.

Unfortunately there are some cons that go along with Fastcase. You must have an account to access the information, and sometimes it may not have a specific case that you’re looking for. Overall, it’s a great app that’s easy to use, with seldom issues.


Picture it Settled Lite

Picture it Settled is an excellent tool for mediation and negotiation by statistics. Enter in all offers and bargains made by each side of your settlement, and this app will timestamp everything you input. Picture it Settled also offers a graphing feature, which plots all of your inputted data and gives you future predictions. This app also predicts the final amount that both parties will receive, and the final date of their settlement. Apps like this help lawyers plan out their time a little smoother.


Ask a Lawyer

Looking for advice? Instead of “phoning a friend” download Ask a Lawyer for a nice database to access advice any time. Not sure who to ask? Ask a Lawyer has lawyers ready to answer any questions you may have, creating excellent contacts for future references. You can tag lawyers and mark them as a favorite so you can revisit their chat too.



Having trouble with some traffic tickets? Upload a picture of your ticket/Dui/DWI to BernieSez and fill out basic information (state, county, city, zip, ticket number, offense code) and receive comments and advice from local lawyers on how to continue. Local lawyers will review your case and gives them the opportunity to submit their fees/pricing and allow them to bid on your case. In turn, as a lawyer you have an opportunity to bid on cases that you may be interested in as well.


Law Dictionary

This application makes “law language” easy to understand and digest. It’s simple to use, allowing you to search for keywords. You’re able to bookmark, save, and refer back to your searched words. Not only does it provide you definitions, but it gives you complete access to thelaw.com, which allows you to search through the law journal, find a lawyer, and research different legal forms and cases.


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