Using Worldox: 10 Key Elements

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There are two major document management systems (DMS) out there for law firms: NetDocuments and Worldox. This article will outline the key features of Worldox.

1. Operating System Compatibility:

Compatible with Windows OS only. If you’re working on a Mac, you’ll want to look into NetDocuments.

2. Document Storage:

One of the largest differences between Worldox and its competitor NetDocuments is how information is stored. Whereas NetDocuments is cloud-based, Worldox stores documents on a server. Updates must be installed manually.

3. Interface:

The Worldox interface allows users to adjust the size of different elements to maximize the onscreen real estate.

4. Searching:

Allows for full text searching by keyword, file type, profiles, recent documents, and date.

5. Integrations:

Integrates with MS Office, Amicus Attorney, Time Matters, and scanning hardware/software such as Adobe, Jujitsu, ScanSnap, etc.

6. Document Saving:

Can save as MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, and Corel Office. Audio, picture, video, and exe files can all be saved. Documents can be made searchable.

7. Workflow Tools:

Unlike its competitor, Worldox offers a powerful workflow feature that allows processes to be tracked and tasks to be assigned. If using your DMS to keep track of workflows is important to you, you’ll want to go with Worldox.

8. Price

$425.00 per user + $84 per user per year for maintenance. Mobility tools are an additional cost.

9. Mobility

Four add-ons can be purchased so that you can access your documents from the web. Pricing varies widely with each add-on. If mobility is a major concern, we recommend that you look into NetDocuments, which, because of its cloud-based nature, is mobile.

10. Security

Different access rights can be set up based on the document, user, or group. Emails can be password protected when sent to individuals outside of the company. Supports Active Directory securing model.


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