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While we IT companies are trying to virtualize server and networks, you attorneys are trying your hardest to virtualize your offices to cut costs and overhead. We work with a few firms with virtual offices and when they have the services backing them that fully virtualize their office infrastructure as well as the office staff themselves, we find that they are the most successful and organized. Don’t think of lean as a four letter word, running a lean law firm can be done. Today we’re talking about a must have service for you lean law firms. This article is for small firms and for you attorneys thinking of going out on your own. It’s rough in the beginning, but virtual services are here to help.

Ruby Receptionists – www.callruby.com

Ruby is a virtual reception service that is gaining ground with law firms especially. As my client Bill Healey over at Kluger Healey, LLC says, “They’re not the cheapest, but they are the absolute best & most professional.” He went through many reception services when he started his firm in an attempt to offset the firm admin’s time for attorney matters instead of answering the phone all day. Ruby Receptionists is based out of Oregon. A warm, professional group of receptionists greet your callers, they know what to ask, who your staff is, and who your callers need to talk to. Ruby lets the small growing firm concentrate on work rather than managing phone calls. With Ruby you have the ability to review all calls from an iPhone via the Ruby Receptionist app. It displays who called and lets you know if they left a message which is also transcribed by the Ruby staff and emailed to you. You can even message Ruby from the iPhone app giving them special instructions to return client calls if you like. Pricing ranges from $239/month for 100 reception minutes to $799/month for 500 reception minutes. With that pricing you get a lot more bells and whistles than just the reception minutes. It’s really like have a no-nonsense receptionist on staff. You might say it’s a bit pricey, but after you work with the rest, you’ll end up with the best. This by far is the best receptionist service we have seen for law firms.


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