Were You Able to Work The Week of Hurricane Sandy? Rekall’s Clients Were…

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While some law firms out there lost total contact with their clients and data, Rekall’s law firms were able to work and take care of business the best way they could. True, most clients did not have power and their homes were powerless as well, but the clients who absolutely had to work found wifi and power and got the job done. Our point being, our clients had the ability to work if they chose while searching for gas and generators in their free time.


The week Sandy hit, being able to work was a luxury that not many people had. The only reason why this was possible for our clients is because of cloud and hosted technologies. Our clients who subscribe to Hosted Exchange had their mail flowing uninterrupted. The ones who subscribed to cloud based document management systems even had access to their client data with no change in service. This hurricane was the perfect sales pitch for cloud solutions and while Rekall’s clients worked without issues, their friends at other firms were down the whole week without communication or data access. For clients who did not have cloud based document management systems, a solution was devised to restore data from their offsite backup and get files to users through personal email addresses. Due to the versatility of Rekall Backup and the fact that we can restore data from anywhere at anytime, we were able to download requested files and send them to users in need so that they could continue working on battery powered laptops and centralized locations with power and internet. No matter the client setup, there was always a backup plan, and with it and an option to work.


It is due to the technologies that we provide and our proactive approach that we put in those technologies that our clients are able to work during a catastrophe like Hurricane Sandy. Once power began restoring, we offered our generator up to clients whose businesses were still down. Once they came up, we unhooked everything and dropped it at the next client who was in need. This is the commitment to our clients that we have. If you were not able to work last week in some way, it’s because your IT people didn’t have the forethought to cover your law firm. Essentially, that’s what IT is supposed to do, cover your firm, make sure your up, and make sure you have the ability to work. This fact is even more important during hard times and major catastrophes. What’s the point of everything working fine on a nice sunny day? You find out what your IT is really worth when disaster strikes. Rekall made some fans that week.


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