We’ve Put PCLaw in The Cloud & Our Clients are Very Happy

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Please keep in mind that this PClaw solution utilizes pre-purchased PClaw licenses. You must purchase these licenses through PClaw first for this solution to work. All licenses must be purchased and maintained under PClaw guidelines as to not violate their terms or licensing policy. This solution is simply a terminal server with PClaw on it, in the cloud. PClaw supports Terminal Server, which is why Rekall Cloud is a great cloud solution for PClaw.

Rekall has been successfully migrating PClaw to the cloud for law firms. With a PClaw cloud migration law firms can now be 100% in the cloud with email, documents & time tracking/accounting. Within the Rekall Cloud, every service that law firms subscribe to offers a 99.99% SLA up-time, guaranteeing up-time 99.99% of the time in a given month. This type of setup is what law firms should be asking for, and what IT companies should be offering. If your firm cannot tolerate downtime, look to the cloud.

THE PCLAW CLOUD MIGRATION  |  The setup to migrate PClaw to the cloud takes only a few hours. The end result is something spectacular. We are able to give law firms the ability to either remote onto a cloud desktop to access PClaw or publish the PClaw application and have users remote into the application itself through remote desktop on the cloud server. It looks & feels like PCLaw is running on your PC, but it is actually running on the cloud desktop. Printers automatically install so there is no print driver configuration.

PCLaw Support & The Cloud  |  As far as support goes, you are on a Terminal Server in the sky which PCLaw supports fully. We called support and they started to explain the limitations of support once we used the word “Cloud”. Understand that PCLaw support is made up of humans, sometimes you will get someone who is not interested in helping you. These people will find reasons to not support you or your setup. If you adopt this PCLaw cloud solution, always remember that you are on a Terminal Server and the PCLaw database is on the same server as the PCLaw client application. This is a super simple setup and PCLaw’s easiest client/server configuration. They support this setup no matter if it’s in the cloud or on a server in your office. Many support agents do not know enough about IT and start to get scared when you use the word “cloud”. As long as you explain your setup to support as a Terminal Server which it is, you will never have an issue getting support.

Cloud Server Added Benefits  |  Finally, there are some added benefits to this type of private cloud setup. Just as PCLaw is a network based application that multiple users may use at the same time, with the use of a cloud server you have the ability publish other applications on the web and use them just as easily. Some examples are Quickbooks, your docket system or any other application for that matter. All the while, you have the benefit of knowing that this application is on a cloud server, will never go down, and can be accessed from anywhere, and is being backed up automatically.

Rekall Cloud is not restricted to PClaw as it can grow with your firm. As you add employees to your firm, on the back-end we can add resources to support these new users. Our cloud solutions are built for expandability when it comes to processing, memory, even bandwidth & storage. With this solution there are no slowdowns, no hiccups, and no downtime. It’s the perfect solution for small, medium & even large firms at very affordable rates. It also happens to be the future of technology.


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