What I Wish Everyone Knew About Great Customer Service.

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The aim of customer service should not be merely satisfying clients.  Rather, the service or product should make clients so happy that they look forward to becoming a repeat customer and recommending the business to others.  Attempting to satisfy a customer will not suffice as those who are merely satisfied are not motivated to rave about your services to others.  Here is a quick look at how to please your clients to the point that they tout your firm’s merits to others in need of similar services.


Be Friendly


In some cases, clients are simply looking for a sounding board.  Listen to your clients, be their friend, empathize with them and they will become fanatics of your business.  Above all, try to solve client problems as quickly as possible.  A concerted attempt to solve such problems really does form a bond between businesses and clients that inspires referrals and a steady stream of revenue.


Ask Clients What They Desire


Find out what your target clients desire and need.  Send a customer survey out once each year.  This survey can be sent by mail, email or over the web through a service such as Survey Monkey.  Inquire as to what people like about the firm, how the firm can better serve their needs and ideas for changes.  Simply asking clients what they desire really does make them feel as though your team genuinely cares about them.


Set the Proper Expectations


If you exceed a client’s expectations, he or she will likely return for additional business and/or refer your firm to friends, family, co-workers and others.  So do not promise results you cannot deliver.  Be realistic with your time frames for delivery.  Continue to manage client expectations and you won’t run the risk of letting them down.  When in doubt, under-promise so you do not end up trying to please a client with a service you cannot provide.


Do not use the Word “No”


It is only a matter of time until a client requests a service outside of your scope.  Do not reply with a “No” and turn down the client.  The better approach is to refer the client to an attorney or business that can tend to his or her unique needs.  Though you will temporarily lose out on business, referring a client to others will help you establish a reputation as a professional who has the answers to problems.


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