What Potential Clients Look for When They Visit Your Legal Site

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Simply having a website that details your law firm is no longer sufficient.  If your website is not up to par with those of competing law firms, you will lose out on valuable clients.  Nowadays, law firms are just as much in the inbound marketing business as they are in the legal business.  After all, law firms cannot function without clients.  Here’s a look at what your law firm website should feature to convert leads into paying clients willing to recommend your services to others.


Highlight Your Practice Areas


Showcase each area of law your attorneys practice.  Practice areas should be highlighted “above the fold”, meaning in the top-half of the homepage for optimal visibility.  The average client is not looking for any old lawyer; clients need a specific type of lawyer, be it an elder law attorney, matrimonial attorney, criminal defense attorney, etc.


Focus on Legitimacy


Every law firm has to win the battle of legitimacy.  This battle begins on your homepage.  If your legal services are not presented in a manner that makes your firm seem credible, people will surf the web on over to the pages of other local attorneys.  One of the best ways to establish your legitimacy is to establish a blog.  Regularly update your blog with your writing or posts from guest writers and it will be that much easier to build a meaningful rapport with prospective clients.


Continue to update your website design to distinguish its look from sites of other competing firms.  If your attorneys have won any awards or have memberships, highlight them to establish trust with online visitors.  Even posting attorney profiles will go a long way in convincing web surfers to contact your office.


Provide Proof With Client Testimonials


Feature write-ups from real clients so online visitors can get a sense of how your attorneys can help.  If possible, embed testimonial videos to your website.  Featuring customers in videos makes it that much easier for prospective clients to relate to others who have benefited from your legal services.  Ideally, your website will feature a combination of both types of testimonials.  Each type of testimonial should feature specific dollar amounts won from cases your law firm has closed in recent months/years.


Use Images Wisely


The prudent use of just the right image on your website really can convince online visitors to continue perusing your site or even pick up the phone to schedule an appointment.  The question is what images to use and how to best leverage them.  Be careful when selecting images as using the wrong one can send visitors to competitors’ sites.  Consider featuring images of your attorneys, the law firm office, clients holding checks from their successful cases and other photos that feature your law firm’s merits.


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