When Should My Firm Consider Moving to the Cloud?

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When Should My Firm Consider Moving to the Cloud?

Timing is everything. Often we see law firms who want to move to the cloud, but the timing is just not right and the factors are just not there to justify a cloud move. This article will explain the key factors that should exist for a law firm to consider moving to the cloud. If the following items are true for your firm, you should really consider the cloud as an option…

Your Firm is Sizable with Multiple Locations

The Cloud is the #1 solution for law firms with multiple locations. The problem with one location housing all data is that the location better stay up, better always have power & better have fantastic internet. Multi-office firms suffer from slow VPN access, office printing issues, scanning issues, connectivity issues, frequent downtime and upgrade problems due to the size of the firm and proximity. The cloud doesn’t care where you connecting from, and acts as if everyone is on the same network and on the same LAN, no slow VPN’s, no speed issues or latency. Rekall’s Cloud is the top solution for multi-office law firms looking to simply their IT infrastructure.

Your Server is End of Life, 5-7yrs Old

At this point your server is old, and you’re at the point where you need to either move to the cloud and never work with on premise servers again or purchase another server which you know by now is a costly endeavor. Moving to the cloud may consist of a setup fee, but won’t be close to that of a new server, and the monthly cloud cost should cover what you spend on IT now considering all the factors, backup, firewall, antivirus, support. This is a perfect time to consider the cloud.

Your Server Dies & You Need to Get Back up & Running Quickly

We’ve worked with many firms who had no plans to move, but due to the convenience and the quick setup have moved to the cloud during an emergency situation. We are happy to say that all have stayed on the cloud, realizing the versatility and high availability that they were lacking with an office server.

You’re a Growing Small Firm Looking to Avoid a Server Purchase

This is a great circumstance. Many attorneys starting firms saw the annoyances of owning servers in a large firm and chose to avoid the liability altogether. We work with many small firms that opt to skip the on premise server step and go straight to the cloud. It works for them 100% of the time offering them a centralized document storage location and a fantastic edge over other small firms that are not on the cloud.

You’re Looking to Avoid the Headache & Liability of Server Ownership

Owning a server is annoying for many, many reasons. It’s a fact that our law firms who own servers spend more on IT overall when compared to our law firms in the cloud. Drives die, controllers die, you have to purchase warranties and extended warranties when the servers age. The techs they send out to replace hardware are shady. You need to pay someone to maintain the server, monitor the server and back it up. What if there’s a fire, a flood a natural disaster. Are your backups running successfully? Is anyone monitoring & testing them? These are all very annoying things to worry about. The cloud offers a total package that takes care of all these problems & offloads the liability and stress of owning a server.

You Want to Upgrade MS Office but Want to Avoid Exorbitate Licensing Costs

Many firms are still using Microsoft Office 2003 or 2007. Consider this; those pieces of software are 8 to 12yrs old which comes with its own set of problems running on newer operating systems. MS Office is roughly $329 per person which is palatable for small firms, but for large firms and upgrade may be a $30,000 investment. You can avoid all this by moving to the Rekall Cloud. Office licenses are included for every user and free upgrades are available as well.

You Travel Often and Want an Identical Desktop Experience Everywhere

Rekall works with many firms where attorneys must travel for work. May it be Israel, Canada, or Japan our law firms access the cloud from anywhere at any time and from any device, always with the same desktop experience & ZERO learning curve. This setup takes the stress out of working remotely and offers attorneys speed and ZERO latency as long as the local internet connection is solid.


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