Rekall Legal Technologies, Our Story

1The story of Rekall is a story that proves that the American dream is not dead, but alive and well. I started Rekall LegalTechnologies back in 2010 out of my basement with 10 law firms. One year into business I met a technological genius who unknown to me at the time would become my partner 4 years later, Tsvet Hristov. Tsvet was working for a mid-sized telecom company as director of IT and his skills were being incredibly under utilized. Due to the lack of stimulation in his position, Tsvet spent as much time as possible consulting with Rekall to feed his technological need, stay active, and stay challenged. Tsvet originally had the idea for a private cloud service back in 2011 but we just didn’t have the financial means of building one. It wasn’t until 2014 when Tsvet architected Rekall’s Private Cloud and our partnership was solidified. One of the main reasons Rekall is successful is because Tsvet and I complement each other so amazingly.

I started as a low-level technician and ended the hands-on portion of my career as an engineer. Through it all, I sold, marketed, and managed in all my positions giving me the education I needed to start and manage Rekall. What Tsvet brings to the table is the ability to look outside the box when it comes to problems and solutions. He has an incredibly unique basket of tech-skills spanning 30+ years. To boot he has a willingness to teach, mentor and share knowledge which is not the norm in the IT industry.

Today we have gone from supporting our original 10 law firms to over 100 firms spanning the USA, Canada & Europe. Our technicians went from working at home, to working in a rented space, to as of June 2016 working in our new office building that we purchased to accommodate future growth. With increased revenues year over year, and a 46% increase in 2016 alone, Rekall Legal Technologies is growing strong. Rekall Legal Technologies is one of the top law firm centric cloud service companies in the nation. Our growth plans have hit all targets steadily since 2013.

Offering cloud services has really changed the business dynamic from when I ran it as a solo offering IT services only. With our extremely controlled cloud environment, the need for technical support by our clients diminishes down to virtually zero. When we started gaining cloud business with no increase in support, this was our “Eureka” moment when we knew we were onto something. I attribute this less-need-for-support phenomena to our specific cloud architecture that my partner has engineered with our technicians from the ground up. Our private cloud is a solution that will grow as our clients grow to an infinite degree.

For the client who need it, our standards for support are extremely high. Our technicians are expected to support all client technologies, software, hardware, and legal applications which makes our internal knowledge base extremely vast. We’re big on education and the sharing of knowledge. I instill into my techs the need to not only fix client issues, but be personable & above all be themselves. I don’t want my clients to call our helpdesk and get that monotone Verizon rep who doesn’t even pretend care about you or your issues. Helpdesk support is something I did very well back in my support days so this is really important to me. My technicians are down to earth, if they don’t know something, they’ll tell you, take 10 minutes and call you back with a solution. There is no buck passing, no vendor blame game, and no techno-babel to confuse clients. I pride my staff on breaking down complicated technical situations and explaining the details in layman terms. Positive relationships are formed on understanding and trust.

Above all else, my role is to fully understand client expectations. I then pass the knowledge onto my technicians and co-manage with my partner to ensure those expectations are met every time. Meeting client expectations is my highest priority and is one of the main reasons why Rekall has flourished since 2010 despite the economic recession.

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