Why Your Firm Needs to Switch to the Cloud

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Every week it seems like we move law firm to the cloud wither by moving their servers or offering them cloud based alternative solutions to how they work currently. Here are four good reasons to leave your servers behind and upgrade to cloud-based software.


Traditional software programs like Worldox, iManage, and OpenText require you to purchase and maintain servers in addition to purchasing the software itself. As you’re probably aware, servers become outdated, run out of space, malfunction, and add to your electricity bill. Cloud-based programs (like Worlddox Cloud and NetDocuments) don’t require a server, just a monthly subscription.


Cloud-based software options are ahead of your server room when it comes to disaster recovery and security. Quite simply, software companies operating on the cloud hire security and disaster recovery experts to make sure they’re ahead of the curve. Your servers, likely locked in a closet somewhere, are not going to come even close to comparing when it comes to security and continuity in the face of an emergency. Plus, why worry about these things when you don’t have to.


Traditional software requires you to manually upgrade to the latest version on a regular basis. But sometimes you’re too busy to do that or can’t be bothered. Cloud-based software will simply present you with the latest version of the software without you having to do a thing. This way, you’ll know you’re always operating with the latest and greatest features of a cloud-based program.


For software that is not cloud-based, access from multiple devices will cost you either in the form of extra servers, extra licenses or VPN access. Cloud-based software is available from any internet-enabled device, anywhere, at any time.

Still have questions? Give us a call and we’ll talk you through some cloud-based alternatives for your firm.


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