How to win Client Referrals and Keep Pace With the Competition

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Nowadays, businesses of all types are at the mercy of clients willing to leave scathing or praiseful online reviews. Though there are some actions you can take to have negative reviews posted to online directories modified or removed, angry clients have the potential to ruin your reputation if desired. The challenge is in winning client referrals and building a positive reputation that leads to continued business across posterity. Here’s how to do it.

Focus on Communication


Communication solves problems. When in doubt, over-communicate with your clients instead of under-communicating. Keep your clients in the loop every step of the way. The latest practice management software will prove helpful in automating case updates. As an example, if a client’s case has proceeded to the next step, an email can be automatically transmitted to him or her as an update.

Tap Into the Power of Web Form Inquiries


The first interaction between your business and clients is of the utmost importance. Some clients, especially young ones used to relying on the web, favor filling out online inquiry forms instead of picking up the phone and calling your firm. Use your web form inquiries to collect essential information about clients to better understand your audience and provide the best possible service.

Make an Effort to Understand the Idiosyncrasies of Each Unique Case


Keeping up with all the details of every single client case is easier said than done. Make use of smart legal software to help you and your legal team manage matters and it will be that much easier to pinpoint important information unique to each individual case in a timely manner. This way, if a client calls, you or a paralegal can easily obtain a status update with a few clicks and keystrokes.

Encourage Digital Interactions


Digital outreaches are that much easier to manage than traditional forms of communication. Encourage clients to continue emailing, instant messaging, texting and using other digital methods to interact with your team. Collaborate over the web, share information in real-time and you will find your team can serve that many more clients in a highly efficient manner. Clients will find obtaining assistance over the web really is that much more efficient than traditional methods. Continue to please your clients, make your service as seamless as possible and it won’t be long until the referrals come rolling in.


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