Windows 10 May Violate Attorney Client Confidentiality

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Users of Windows 7 and 8 are receiving free updates to Windows 10. As with anything that is free there is fine print that needs to be read. The European Digital Rights information Organization (EDRi for short) has broken it down a bit.

Basically Microsoft has given themselves broad rights allowing them to collect all your information including the things you type and say on your devices. They sell this information so that they can improve their targeted advertising. The potential problem here is that the data they could collect include your passwords and recovery keys for any encrypted data.

Looking at the bigger picture, the attorney-client privilege may be comprised. For the users of Cortana (Siri for Windows), Microsoft analyzes your computer’s data, emails and texts to make Cortana more efficient. The emails that Microsoft scans and reads could also cause a potential confidentiality breach.

On a more positive note, tweaking the security settings of Windows 10 can turn off these features. Using a different and top notch secured Cloud like Rekall Private Cloud instead of Public Cloud solutions will also prevent Microsoft from accessing your data. Protect yourself and protect your data.


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