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Size matters. That was the conclusion from the June 2014 issue of “Optometry and Vision Science” while testing three font sizes among two age groups. Both demographics (18 to 35 and 55 to 65) were tested on how they would be affected by computer glare and font sizes (1.78 mm, 2.23 mm and 3.56 mm). Out of a total of 27 participants, the older users (a total of eight) also had age-related farsightedness (also known as presbyopia). That study revealed that regardless of age, work productivity and accuracy improved with the largest font size. While some users leaned forward due to glare, their productivity and accuracy did not change.

That’s one of many examples that workers can use to make their workdays easier. Here are a few more.

Remove Distractions If you’re an easily distracted reader or someone who prefers a certain font size, choosing the “View” and “Read Mode” in Microsoft 2013 will also tweak the font color, make the document full size and remove the toolbar.

Chart-Building Shortcut If creating a chart sounds overwhelming or time consuming, Microsoft Excel 2013 has an option to simplify this task. Use the “Insert” option and choose “Recommended Charts.” The program will take stock of what data is already included on the spreadsheet and create suggested charts to use for easier reading.

PDF Reading Shortcut While there is software online to convert PDF documents to Word documents, Microsoft 2013 also allows users with the option to use PDF Reflow to be able to read documents and make changes.


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