Worldox GX4 is Now Available

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Worldox GX4 is Now Available

As of this month Worldox GX4 is now available and there are a number of new features that any Worldox using law firm must check out. All info gathered for this blog article can be seen here on John Heckman’s Fantastic Worldox Blog. First to know is that the interface is different but there are options to make GX4 look like GX3, so no worries there.

Saving & Searching

When you save a document, you can now type either the DocID or any aspect of the client/ matter/doctype description in the respective field. The list of options for what you have typed pops up and you can select what you want. This represents a major ease of use improvement. If you hit the new Search icon, a combined description/text search pops up: Any search hits are displayed in “snippets” beneath the main listing in the list display à la Google. The number of hits are listed and you can display them by clicking on the down arrow (1 of 3 here). You can also easily access them by opening the Viewer Pane at the right of the display. As with the main viewer, text hits are immediately displayed in the Viewer Pane.


Worldox now has an “effortless” QuickSave button which is automatically added to the Quick Access Toolbar in Word (a small Green Square). When implemented, this saves documents in a single click to a specified QuickProfile with no other profiling required. However, this feature may cause issues with the retrievability of documents by people other than the user and should be implemented with caution. Searching from Within Word You can now search directly from the Worldox Ribbon within Word.

• Type the search parameters in “To Find” and then click “Search for the DocID or Name-Content.”

• Simply click “Document Favorites” to see the last 20 Word documents you have used.

• If the document has already been saved, click “Same Profile” to find documents with the completely identical Profile information as the one you are working on (i.e., including author).

• If you used the “QuickSave” feature, click on that icon to see all your QuickSaved documents.

Workflow Changes

There are several significant workflow changes.

• When you save a document, the description and comments fields have been combined into a single field. By default, the first line contains 128 characters. After that a second line (previously “comments”) starts. If you wish to force a second line to separate out comments, simply hit Enter to start a new line.

• The workflow for Same Profile As has been simplified. Say you send a document to a client who returns it with comments. You want to save this as a version of the document you sent out. Open the document and select “Save as a Version.” Select the document which the new incoming document will be a version of. Once the profile information has been filled out, you can change it as needed (by adding a new comment for example) and save it as a version. Much simpler.

Favorite Matters

Favorite Matters have been dramatically expanded in GX4. Favorite Matters are now created/updated any time you save or open a file. They now appear as tabs to the left of various screens. Files that are part of your “favorite matters” list are indicated by a heart to the left of the file description. The different style hearts indicate how files were assigned to favorite matters. Because the favorite matters can get rather large, you can add or remove a file from your list by clicking on the heart icon. Favorite Matters include everything worked on for the past 60 days. If you hover over “Favorite Matters” the tab expands. Select a given matter to fill in information for File Save or Search screens. Favorite Matters are directory based, so only fields that are directories will be filled in.

Searching Email

You can search your Outlook Inbox from within Worldox. Simply click on the Email tab at the top left of the display, and then “Find Message.” The email search screen appears: If you have a very large unsorted Inbox, this search can take some time. However, you can restrict the search to only emails with attachments and a given date range. If these options are applicable, they will definitely increase the speed of the search.

Favorite Matters in Outlook

Favorite Matters now follow you into Outlook. In GX3, you had to create Quick Profiles to automate saving files. Now, your Favorite Matters appear automatically in Outlook by Cabinet, Client, etc. (however your Cabinets are structured). To copy or move a file into Worldox, open up the Favorite Matter (Client/Matter/Doc Type) and drag the file or files to it. A screen will pop up asking if you wish to make any changes. Simply click OK if you just need to accept the defaults. If you change your mind or make a mistake, emails will be deposited into the “manually profile” area. By default, emails are moved to Worldox. To copy an email, hold down Ctrl while dragging.

Heuristic Profiling within Outlook

You can now display suggested profiling within your Inbox listing in Outlook. This is set up by using the Field Chooser in Outlook to create three new fields: Worldox Folders, Worldox Fields, and Worldox Cabinet. You can display one or all of these in your inbox list display. Once these fields are updated, you will see suggested Profile information for certain emails (depending on whether you have already sent or received email from that person). These must be updated manually. Like Favorite Matters, the list only goes back 60 days and may not display suggestions for all emails, but can be extremely useful. For emails that information is displayed, when you click the Copy to Worldox or Move to Worldox buttons, the profile information is already filled in.


Categories have been substantially beefed up. Categories appear as a field choice when you save a document. As with other options, there are a number of ways to enter information.

• You can simply type in the name of the category if you know it.

• Click on the down arrow to see a list of recent categories (above).

• Click the “Categories” button to see the list of available categories or to add a new one.

• Categories are now indexed with the rest of the profile information, so if you create a new category, it is searchable immediately.

Boolean Searches

The terms for boolean searches have changed. They are now standard programming terms rather than plain language: & for “and”; | for “or”; ! for “not.” Quotes around searches for exact matches and “A w/x B” for “A within x words of B” remain the same.

Miscellaneous New Features

• It is now possible to save a PDF file as a version of a Word file.

• It is now extremely easy to save a set of columns and the overall display as a default simply by clicking the “save as default” heart. You can have “defaults” for search results, favorite matters or directories. Version lists and the Salvage Bin can also have default settings.

• You can also set default information in the profile save screen by clicking on the “save as default” heart. Basically, any time you see a heart symbol, you can save that option as a default.

• You can optimize the entire column display at any time by clicking on the orange grid icon at the top right of the display screen.

• To sort on a new column, hover over the column header. The cursor will change to an upward-pointing or downward-pointing arrow depending on whether you are toward the top or bottom of the header row. Simply click to sort in that direction.

• To change any search, click on the icon (e.g. Favorites) next to the search at the top. You will be given options to change the search.

• On occasion Worldox has falsely told users that a given email has already been stored in Worldox. The algorithm for determining this has been improved. Even better, users can now set an option on the “you can’t do this” screen that changes the default and lets users save duplicate emails.


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