Worldox Tip: Auto Profile Email on Sending

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Did you know that can setup Worldox to automatically profile email as you send it?

After you send an email, the Worldox screen will pop up asking if you wish to move or copy the email to Worldox. If your the type of person who sends multiple emails to the same person all the time, you can create a Quick Profile that will automatically include the profile information. You can also add the email recipient address to an “automatically ignore” list group.

For example, you might want to tell Worldox to never to store personal emails from specific individuals. Rules are available under Edit > Address Rules on the Email screen gives you even more flexibility for automating this process.

Generally, it’s recommended to Move emails to Worldox rather than to Copy them. This keeps your Outlook .PST / .OST smaller, which may enable Outlook to run more efficiently.


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