Worldox VS. TimeMatters; Who wins in a Document Management Face-off?

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Worldox and TimeMatters are both very popular Document Management Systems, but who comes out on top? Let us breakdown the key differences for you.


TimeMatters integrates with Microsoft Office, Word Perfect, Adobe Acrobat, and Internet Explorer—however, that’s about as far as the integration goes. Yes, TimeMatters does integrate with Outlook, it’s a very weak fusion. Unfortunately, it does not recognize inbox sub-folders, and emal attachments need to be added one at a time, which can be cumbersome.


Worldox on the other hand, integrates with more than 50 programs. Worldox integrates with Outlook easily and all emails are full-text indexed for easy searching, which is a feature that TimeMatters does not offer. In Worldox, attaching emails is quick and painless, and multiple attachments can be added at once. This system’s searching is powerful, whereas TimeMatters only offers limited searching functionality. Not only can Worldox quickly scan, preview, and print all of your documents, but it’s also highly customizable to suit your everyday needs. One of our clients upgraded their Worldox setup with an OCR searchable database, making it easy to search within the text body of a document or email associated with the database. TimeMatters has a delay when displaying large documents, and you’re not able to customize the system.
There really is no comparison for Worldox VS. TimeMatters. Worldox is clearly the best choice when it comes to document management. TimeMatters might be able to boast a win in price, but the functionality is far too inferior to Worldox, which makes the latter simply worth your investment. In the end, we see larger firms adopting Worldox, and smaller offices adopting TimeMatters. We’ve also seen smaller firms adopt Worldox, but the investment is much higher for them with annual subscriptions. Another bonus to Worldox is their Cloud component. TimeMatters does not have any cloud options. Make sure to keep these tips in mind if you’re looking into either system.


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