Worldox & Windows 10

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Worldox & Windows 10

Worldox GX3 and GX4 have recently become compatible with Windows 10.

Worldox is a document and email management software that many law firms use. Their new version, GX4 has introduced Active Profiling® allowing for more efficient software use. One great feature is that GX4 monitors incoming and outgoing emails, assigns client information, and creates folders in Outlook based on your personal preferences fully automatically. Worldox GX3 and GX4 are compatible with Microsoft Office 2007-2016 as well as Office 365.

Beware of Windows 10 Security

Before upgrading to Windows 10, it would be a good idea to run wdupdate and update your code, just to make sure everything your Worldox software is fully up to date. Beware that when upgrading to Windows 10, privacy and security issues may arise. Many sources report that with Windows 10, Microsoft has been collecting user data from your computer, including confidential emails, then sells it to advertisers. This function can be turned off, and there are even third-party programs that will simplify this process for you.


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