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Tired of typing for hours on end? Consider switching to a voice-to-text software application to help save you time and have all of your thoughts gathered in one place. Most of these voice-to-text applications we’ll speak about may even already be installed on your computer or smart device.


Stock Software

Apple products already come with a voice-to-text software that is factory installed. To test out their software, click on your System Preferences, then continue into Dictation and Speech. Consider setting up a shortcut to this on your desktop, or setting up a shortcut via your keyboard. Be sure to speak clearly and at a regular pace, and your computer will pick up your every word. It’s wise to use a higher quality headset with a movable microphone to ensure success, but it’s not necessary to just get you started.


Purchase Software

Dragon Nationally Speaking is a fantastic example of a voice-to-text software for virtually any device. It’ll cost about $200, but it’s extremely detailed and keeps track of your frequent words, phrases, and accuracy. In addition to the software cost, you should invest in a decent quality headset.

Studies show that voice-to-text software doubles your document speed, saving you an enormous amount of time. Dictation can be used for not only documents, but for emails, hand written notes that need to be electronic, and basically any of your typing needs.



Not always by a computer or laptop? There are plenty of smartphone/tablet applications you can download to continue your dictation use even outside of the office. Rev is just one of the many examples of a simple, easy to use dictation app. Recordings cost $1 per minute, but it’s worth it considering how much time you’re going to save in return. Rev will ask you to set up your own account, which can alternately be accessed via the app and a website for your desktop/laptop needs.

Record yourself, then click “upload.” Depending on the file size, the turnaround can be either immediate, or take up to one hour. It’s incredibly accurate, and highly recommended. Cutting your time spent in front of a computer allows you to spend more time on more clients, your family, or even just relaxing by yourself.

Voice-to-text applications can be used for creative sparks when you’re on the run, first draft letters when you’re just throwing around ideas, and avoiding hand cramping from typing entirely too much! Seriously consider using a voice-to-text software and save yourself some time, some pain, and live in the future.


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