Your Firm: Practicing Law vs. Managing Your Business

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You will probably have time when business is slow. If business is never slow, you’re lucky in one respect but we hope you have someone to actually manage the day-to-day operations of the firm.
When business is slow, use the opportunity to check in with your staff, your operations, and to revamp any systems, processes, or technologies that need a facelift. After all, if there is a learning curve you face, you might as well learn while you have the time. Failing to tend to the operations of your business for too long can wreak havoc on your productivity and organization. Acting proactively to make sure things are running smoothly and improve efficiencies wherever possible will ensure that things don’t backfire when you are busy and don’t have the time to deal with such matters.

For more on the importance of balancing practicing law and managing a business, you can check out this article from the Legal Solutions Blog. Author and legal expert Shahrina Ankhi-Krol talks about when and how to delegate, and whether to bring in a consultant for non-legal items such as accounting, marketing, etc.

Of course Rekall can help consult you in these matters too. Just reach out!


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